2011 New Artist 2 Radio Winner - Nine Sons of Dan

Nine Sons Of Dan have come along way since their days as a university band project.  With their third EP “Follow The Blood” primed for a May 9 (2014) release and a national launch tour taking in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland from May 22, the six-track compilation introduces an edgier and slightly darker approach to the band.
“This EP was a chance for us to show case the songs that we always wanted to have on our records,” says singer Jay Bainbridge. “We took a lot of risks, we didn’t want to be safe and at the end of the day music is art and I think this EP will also allow us to meet some new people and the true NSOD fans to grow with us”.
Nine Sons of Dan is a five-piece alternative rock band with an eclectic, yet direct approach. Their youthful and fun blend of sound falls somewhere in between the appealing melodies and uplifting spirit of college rock (think All Time Low, Yellowcard, Four Years Strong) and the clever arrangements of alternative rock (think Propagandhi, Transit, Taking Back Sunday).
“Follow The Blood” was tracked in Australia but mixed and mastered in Nashville (USA) by J.R. McNeely (Dead Letter Circus, Anberlin).  “I wrote about where I was at that moment,” says Bainbridge. “Some times I use dramas that have happened in my past as fuel for content, but this time I just wrote about what was happening around me and to me. I had a lot of frustrations and heartache in my personal life but at the same time felt a sense of strength of unity with the boys and our future as a band”.
This sense of feeling was also carried over to the EP’s artwork with its meaning being progression – that no matter the environment, the character on the cover is able to adapt, evolve and still flourish.
The band started out humbly in 2010 for the sake of good times. Things started to get serious soon after, but the chosen formula remains simple. At the end of the day, Nine Sons of Dan are still a group of friends rocking out, expressing their passion for immediate and gritty rock songs with lyrics that are easy to relate to on a personal level. Yet, the band set out to develop a unique chemistry, allowing them to add a bit of unpredictability to the mix, with cool drum patterns and tempo changes, guitar riffs and vocal harmonies.
Above all, this band is a unit: these guys turned from a being a recording project on the side of their studies to becoming one of Australia’s most promising new touring act within their genres. Nine Sons of Dan managed to retain their humble and direct approach, knowing that making music is a process of constant growth. Each time they hit the studio, each time they walk up on a stage under the spotlight… they never stop pushing the envelope and striving to be the best they can.
This brand new EP stands as a great testimony of the band’s versatility: from up-tempo bullets to mellow ballads, Nine Sons of Dan set out to take the listener through an emotional rollercoaster throughout a texture-rich and exciting EP.
Let the music tell you the rest of the story…